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Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter" Sales Coach

Live Monthly Coaching:
Building YOUR Plan
for Success
Get Cold Prospects to Engage
Eliminate Discounting Requests
Turn Objections into Value Points
Create the Sales Career You Desire
All insights are shared "real time" for a real world by Mark Hunter, CSP, "The Sales Hunter"
"Sales is helping our customers see and achieve
what they didn't think was possible." 
What Keeps You Up At Night?
How a Coach Will Help You:
How are you feeling about your pipeline? Are you on Easy Street or Panic Drive?

If you are concerned about how you are going to hit your numbers, then I would love to help you get there! Join me as I’m sharing the strategies and objection language that I’ve taught some of the biggest companies in the world. I’m all about outcomes! Based on my work with clients like you, here are the outcomes I’d expect for you:  

• Increased Sales: You’ll have new skills and language that will drive your sales and shorten your sales cycle.

• Increased Confidence: When you have strategies and language options that you feel good about, your confidence absolutely increases and you have a lot more fun! 

What Others Have to Say:

"Mark is an expert when it comes to selling. He's also one of the nicest people I've met in business. While his philosophy is to sell based on value, not on price, he gives of himself in other ways, coaching others via his weekly sales video and tips."
                    Sales Team Leader - Washington, DC

"Mark is the consummate salesman! His techniques and time-tested strategies have made him one of the superstars of selling for years. It's no wonder why so many companies count on Mark to increase sales." 
                             Small Business Owner, St. Louis

"Finished your book last week and using specific sections again on my next sales meeting this Friday, then have been asked to speak to certain topics during our meetings at our head office next week."
                                            Sales Manager, Ontario
  • New Language Options: Knowing what to say is the biggest challenge for salespeople today and it is the most important differentiator. Your vocabulary and business acumen will absolutely increase!

• Great Customer Questions: Your ability to ask thought-provoking and differentiating questions is an area we will focus on, as the new questions you will leverage are not the questions your competitors are using!

"In my conversations with Mark, I can tell he is a sharp thinker with a caring heart. He works for and thinks about his clients like their business is his. His understanding of the sales process is broad, so he can see it from beginning to end."
                                                    Sales Consultant

"Mark Hunter is a world-class sales professional. His 'Sales Hunter' sales philosophy and methodology are based on his real-world experiences. The information he shares with audiences reflects his many years of applying his successful sales practices."
                                      Business Networking Guru

"Until the customer has confidence in us,
what we say is meaningless."
Do I Need This?
Ask Yourself About Today:
 Are you not closing as many deals as you need to?
 Are many of the leads you have simply turning out to be a waste of time?
 Is prospecting something you dread and do you make up excuses about not doing well?
 Are you losing sales to competitors?
 Do you face price objections you can't handle?
 Are customer issues taking up too much of your time?
Ask Yourself About The Future:
 What would your business look like if you had better customers?
What would happen if you could close more sales at full price?
 What would happen if you could free up an extra 90 minutes per day?
 What would happen if you closed sales faster? 
 What would your world look like if you could increase your sales significantly?
"We live in the toughest selling environment ever due to commoditization! You have two choices: acquire the skills that empower you to create success 
or keep doing what you are doing."
Here are Just Some of the Topics Mark Will Cover
The strategies you need to use each day to make sure you're in the game 100% are vital. You can have the best product and the best solution, but still not be successful if your head is not in the game.
It's not about the number of leads you get; it's about the quality you get. Mark will show you how to narrow your process to allow you to attract better prospects you'll be able to close at full price.
You've got the right solution and boom, the customer hits you with an objection that throws you off track. Learn how to navigate around them to close the deal.
Nothing is worse than having to cut your price to close a deal, and yet that's what too many salespeople do. Mark will show you strategies so you'll never have to negotiate.
Your Funnel
Does your funnel look like a sewer pipe? Mark will show you how to streamline the process to prospect fast!
It's a changing world, and if you don't change your plan to keep pace, you'll be left behind. 
How many times have you been faced with trying to get a customer to respond? The chirping of crickets can drive anybody insane. The solution lies in the sales strategy you use right from the start. Mark will show you how to keep the crickets away.
After prospecting, closing is the most stressful part of selling. It doesn't have to be if you know the right strategy to use from the beginning. The quality of the close is determined by how you prospect.
The most valuable asset you have is not what you sell, or even who you sell to. Your most valuable asset is your own time. Knowing how to use it effectively will allow you to sell more.
Success is Not Going to Wait For You. You Have to Act.
What do I get for $97 per month?
Part 1
Monthly LIVE Coaching
Each month we’ll get to hang out together in a live group coaching call. I'll take the first 30 minutes digging deep into critical sales issues, giving you step-by-step strategies you can use. In the second half, I'll be doing Q&A with you, getting even more specific and giving you even more insights.   Can't make the live event?  Don't worry, you'll get the replay link.
Part 2
Weekly Coaching Video
Each week you will receive a fast-moving 3-5 minute video where I share specific strategies and "How To's" that you can implement immediately.  Each video is in real time, meaning what I'm covering will be the same issues you're likely facing.  Best part of all is these video messages will fit your schedule as you'll be able to view them anytime.
Only $97 month! What are you waiting for? 
No Contract!  Cancel Anytime!
Mark Hunter
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